Adolfo and I created our very first homeschool blog to inform others of what we are learning throughout our time homeschooling our children. We strive to make our posts informational and educational, and at times, our posts may lack creativity and pizzaz, and may even be redundant or tedious, but that’s us! We are a boring lot. We aren’t about making our blogs fun, we leave that to the expert homeschool bloggers. We just want to read, write and blog material that might be useful for homeschooling parents. All questions and feedback are extremely useful for us to keep this site going and we will try our hardest to respond to all comments. Enjoy!

Adolfo has a Bachelors in Political Science, International Affairs and is currently working on a Master’s degree in Transportation Logistics. He has absolutely no homeschool experience, but is extremely supportive of a parent’s right to homeschool. He wants his children to receive the best educational experience possible, and made the choice to provide and support his family’s homeschool journey.

A.B. has a Certificate in Infant and Toddler Care, an Associates degree in Early Childhood Development and is currently working on her Bachelors in Human and Family Studies. A.B. has been homeschooling her three children since they were babies to now school age. She enjoys homeschooling, but understands the dedication and importance of a family’s commitment to homeschool. It is no small feat.