Gender Does Matter: A Gender-friendly Teaching Approach

August, 2017

This blog post is not a debate on gender equality, but rather a discussion on the importance of why homeschool may be a better option than public school in keeping with a gender-friendly teaching approach.

Gender-friendly teaching seems to be a notion of common sense; however, this is not the case in many public schools. The argument that boys and girls are not different is rather outlandish and upsetting, we are different. Nature made us different, though, many may argue nurture is profoundly significant in shaping our children, which may be true to an extent, but nature is overwhelming important as well, especially in how boys and girls learn.

Gurian (2006), founder of the Gurian Institute, and author of The Wonder of Girls and The Wonder of Boys, published an article that explained that there are gender differences in learning styles between boys and girls. These distinctions are mostly due to the differences found in how the brain operates and functions and the differences in chemical balances. For example, boys lag behind girls in reading and writing, due to their reliance on pictures and moving objects for word connections, whereas girls are able to process more sensorial data, which aids in their understanding of written material (Gurian, 2006). Other areas, where girls and boys are different, are found in emotion expression, communication, vocabulary usage, math skills, tech abilities and so on- all of which are traced back to how a girl and boy’s brain operates differently. Understanding these differences and teaching children accordingly, will allow children to learn to their academic potential. There are a few public schools that have applied gender-specific techniques into their base educational curriculum, but to change all the public schools to accommodate gender differences is difficult and may even be next to impossible to implement. However, this is where homeschooling thrives. Homeschool parents can center their teachings around how their child learns. We can build a rich curriculum based on our boy’s needs, giving him every opportunity to learn to his potential and have a more successful educational journey than that of a constrained one. Likewise, our girls will also thrive in a setting where they are taught according to their natural way of learning. A simple, and common sense teaching approach.

-A.B. Salinas


Gurian, M. (2006). With Boys in Mind / Teaching to the Minds of Boys. Educational Leadership, 64(1), 56-61.